10 Things Students Should Know Before Starting Grad School: 

  1. How to prioritize (this applies to school work, relationships, self care, etc.) 
  2. How to spend quality time with loved ones, not relying on the quantity of time spent together to sustain the relationship
  3. How to make and stick to a schedule
  4. How to organize (think about it: you have six classes and all the assignments and tests that go with it, you have to know what’s due when) 
  5. How to do group work (no, unfortunately this doesn’t ever go away) 
  6. How to skim read (because lets be honest there’s no way you’ll have time to read everything assigned to you word for word) 
  7. How to take notes during lectures (this helps especially when combined with skim reading) 
  8. Where you study best (library, coffee shop, in a group/alone, music/silence, food/drink, etc.) 
  9. How to motivate & self-discipline yourself 
  10. Why you’re doing this (if you’re not 100% sure, don’t waste your time or money on a degree that you won’t use. Make every hour and dollar spent worth it) 

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