Finals Month Has Begun! 

Literally could not be happier. 

I’m looking forward to my internship more and more each day; I have a list of tools to build to have in my office that my students can use! 🙂 

While many of my peers feel like they’re overwhelmed and dying (somebody posted a poem remarking their despair this morning in my cohort’s Facebook group) I feel really good about where I’m standing and I think I know why. 

Semesters are typically 15 weeks whereas quarters are typically 10 weeks. Now throughout the year, coming from a quarter school background, I have actually felt like I’ve been dying sitting through an extra five weeks every semester. BUT when I push all the work I can into the first ten weeks like I have this semester, I feel a lot less stressed and less grumpy about going to classes. 

So that’s my new plan from here on out: get all my shit together and basically done within the first 10-12 weeks and just chill and ride out the waves of due dates and tests for the remainder of the semester. 

Might sound a little crazy, but at least I’m not banging my head on the desk so much anymore. 

And it’s allowed me to do some things to actually enjoy my summer without feeling guilty, like picking strawberries, floating the snoqualmie river, and celebrating several birthdays with friends!

Okay well I’m gonna go dream about my future office, build a therapeutic jenga set, and figure out what schools I want to apply to for my doctorate. Best of luck to all you other summer-schoolers out there!:) 


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